getaway // Doe Bay Fest : 2011

We had just joined the cult of Tacoma and were still figuring out the way to Bluebeard Coffee when you could say nature called. At least we felt demographically compelled by the wave of movement from Tacoma to the northern climes of that pristine San Juan archipelago, following a mass exodus of beards, jorts, Ray-Bans, flannels and vans full of camping and music gear. If you were part of the pilgrimage, you know we’re talking about the annual Orcas Island music festival that keeps besting itself—Doe Bay Fest.Here’s our re-cap of the holiday spent away from Grit City to see some of the Northwest’s (and country’s) best bands playing at “adult summer camp.” Keep an eye out for some Tacoma faces playing and clapping along.

Doe Bay, Doe Bay. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. ( In photographs.)  The Northwest’s most halcyon music festival descended upon Orcas Island’s verdant little beachside resort, and we devoured each moment as if it were summer’s last smore. Banjos and beer and impromptu ballads. A place where the line between musician and audience blurred inscrutably, like water and islands into a blue San Juan horizon.

Doe Bay, you made us feel young and invincible and impassioned again. You kept us up too late. Your songs are still playing on our lips. We are loathe to wash your campfire smoke out of our flannel shirts.

OK Sweetheart

Champagne Champagne

Tea Cozies

Sera Cahoone

Frank Fairfield

John Vanderslice

Kelli Schaefer


The Head and the Heart

Mash Hall

Fort Union

Kris Doty

Youth Rescue Mission

Elk & Boar


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