art // Jeremy Gregory : “Tiny Circles”

Puppets + Prophylaxis?

We never knew dental hygienics and cultural aesthetics paired so well together until we walked into the industrial swank of Brooks Dental Studio Thursday evening for “Tiny Circles”—Tacoma artist Jeremy Gregory’s debut of moldable, ragtag and utterly charismatic puppets.

A local figurative painter and cartoonist, Gregory made a sudden leap into a three-dimensional world of repurposed media and charismatic figurines. The results of all his imaginative labors? An unforgettable hobohemia of street urchins, artists, rodeo clowns, skater kids and charming scamps complete with checkered biographies. They brandish toothless grins, cans of spray paint, Rubik’s cubes, extra arms and in some cases, questionable intentions.

In other words, these aren’t lifeless sculpts. They’re fully-developed, fearless personas that may well throw a bonfire party or tag your living room wall if you turn your back on them.

Gregory is one to keep an eye on for sure. He’s apparently working on a stop-motion film starring his motley crew of characters, whose progress you can check out here:

And what can we say about Brooks Dental Studio other than it is the coolest place you would ever associate with topical fluoride applications? Owner Dr. Jamie Brooks DDS and staff apparently get that the functionality of a workspace doesn’t negate the need for good ambience. The studio even won a design award from the American Institute of Architects—certainly nothing to sniff (or should we say rinse and spit?) at. And now their back wall features a very cool mural (see below) by Gregory himself.

Brooks hosts regular art shows and all sorts of hip, community-minded happenings. Like them on Facebook to stay in the loop!

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