music // Elk & Boar : 2012.02.26 : studio session

Over coffee at Bluebeard the other day, we had a conversation with Kirsten—the Elk in Tacoma’s soulful Elk & Boar—about this and that and mostly, the weather. Our consensus was that Tacoma skies brandish more diversity—day to day, hour to hour—than any other place we’ve lived. From the gauzy west-facing pinks of afternoon to glowing cloud obelisks pervading the port skies at night to the otherworldly opacity of surprise snowfalls, Tacoma never fails to awe us when we look up.

Kirsten invited us to join Elk & Boar in their studio—”The Cottage”—to record a couple of their songs on just such a mercurial day. From the windows we witnessed blinding sunshine punctuated by apocalyptic showers of hail and snow, a series of surly mixed skies that must (we suspected) be concealing triple rainbows, and at least one little renegade cloud that doggedly, preferentially rained on only us—à la Winnie the Pooh.

Inside the studio we kept candles lit—Kirsten using her “Swedish Hands” to handle the hot votives—while we discussed the creative process of music. Drummer Dalton sees shades of blue when he plays; Kirsten, shades of red. Travis (Boar) identifies as a “Mozart” while Kirsten a “Beethoven.” Nary was there moment when at least one person wasn’t plying their instrument with intuition, intensity and just plain love.

Musicality courses through the veins of this band as effortlessly as blood. See for yourself in these videos above.


Passenger Blues by
Elk + Boar

sound by
Ryan Rood

shot + edited by
The Art Dept.

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