music // Pickwick : 2012.03.24 : Cathedrals Tacoma

Let’s face it—from gothic cathedrals to cozy corner chapels, churches are built to carry sound. The voices of Pickwick fit hand in glove to the reverent, ambient surroundings of Tacoma’s Immanuel Presbyterian Church last weekend. Galen Disston’s rafter-climbing croon and the band’s buoyant, blue-eyed soul jams brought the most docile listeners out of their church pews to stomp and clap the dickens out of an otherwise mild-mannered Saturday night. Stained glass windows fogged up, the call and response reached a fever pitch, and our love for those boys was born again.

Pickwick, we are total believers, and we’re so glad to have you back from tour and considering our Tacoma hood part of your home-base!


music by

Cathedrals : Tacoma, part 1
presented by
The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts

hosted by
Immanuel Presbyterian

shot + edited by
The Art Dept.

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