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Stained glass and hipsters—who would have known they were a match made in heaven (quite literally?) The second much-anticipated Tacoma Cathedrals show, presented by the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, filled Tacoma’s Immanual Presbyterian Church with the luminous sounds of local and independent musicians.

“I think that Tacoma is doing a really good job of being itself tonight,” said Aaron Stevens of the Broadway Center for the Performing Arts.  ”Tacoma is often talking about itself as if we keep working hard we’re going to be better than Seattle or better than Portland.  But I don’t think that’s what we should attempt to do.  I think we should  be who we are, letting Tacoma have its own unique presence and voice.”  It was obvious Aaron was speaking to the right crowd as it erupted into hoots and applause.  On that note, Aaron then introduced headliner David Bazan (of Pedro the Lion) as “also a person who is really good at being himself and not try and hide who he is—a sweet, gentle guy, amazing father and husband…”

Bazan then engaged the entire audience in an intimate (surprisingly more intimate than one would expect several hundred people could get) conversation that flowed effortlessly between his honest, compelling songwriting and the q&a sessions that peppered his set.  ”As a good pet owner,” asked one attendee and fan, “can I name my next dog after you?”  The easygoing Bazan replied in the affirmative, with one caveat: so long as it’s not “one that’s not gonna, like, maul kids.”

Check out the arresting performance of Bazan’s Strange Negotiations above as backed with an original arrangement by Andrew Joslyn and his Passenger String Quartet.

Then watch the gorgeously executed performance by Pretty Broken Things:

And finally, check out this performance of crowd-pleasers Pickwick at the previous (and first) Tacoma Cathedrals!

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